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Birchwood C of E Primary School

Learning together, through faith, fun and friendship

British Values

‘Diversity Week’ held this year, alongside displays throughout the school such as ‘different families: same love’ help pupils to understand a range of other cultures and lives, as well as dispel negative stereotypes. 



British Values at Birchwood C of E


British Values Statement

At Birchwood C of E, we promote ‘British Values’ through our spiritual, moral, social and cultural education, which permeates through the school’s curriculum and supports the development of the ‘whole child’. This development is most successful when those values and attitudes are promoted by all the stakeholders and provide a positive model of behaviour for our children.



Democracy is embedded at our school. Children are always listened and responded to by adults and are taught to listen carefully and with concern to each other, respecting the right of every child to have their opinions and voices heard. Children also have the opportunity to air their opinions, ideas and make choices through our school council.


Rule of Law

The Rule of Law promoted through teaching is that we are all governed by rules that have to be obeyed in society. We provide an orderly and caring atmosphere for learning and teaching to take place. Children are taught from an early age that the school has rules and why they are important to keep everyone safe. They are rewarded for good behaviour and taught about the consequences when rules are broken. This is also reinforced in the teaching of RE and PSHCE.


Individual Liberty

Children are encouraged to become good and valued citizens. We do this by supporting each pupil to become as independent as possible, boosting and nurturing a healthy self-esteem. We endeavour to demonstrate that everyone has rights; this includes the right to say ‘No’ when appropriate. Some pupils will be able to take responsibility for particular roles and to understand that with certain rights, comes a level of responsibility. At Birchwood C of E, we understand that learning to do things independently and making choices in a safe and supportive environment is an important part of learning to understand yourself.


Mutual Respect

Part of our school ethos and behaviour policy is based around respect and responsibility and these values determine how we live as a community at Birchwood C of E. Mutual respect is embedded in the school and actively promoted through the daily life of the school, the curriculum and in worship themes. Opportunities are planned for children to go into the local community to meet a range of people in a variety of situations which include sports and community events and shared participation with other schools within and beyond our cluster.


Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

Tolerance of others is actively promoted daily in our school. Children are taught to celebrate success in people and respect those of a different faith; celebrations of other faiths are also taught in school. Our collective worship and PSHCE lessons reinforce messages of tolerance and respect for others. Through the curriculum, we provide opportunities to study and learn about life and cultures in other countries.


As a result of our SMSC curriculum, including British Values, Birchwood C of E children:

  • develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence

  • distinguish right from wrong and to respect the civil and criminal law of England

  • accept responsibility for their behaviour, show initiative, and understand how they can contribute positively to the lives of those living and working in the locality of the school and to society more widely

  • acquire a broad general knowledge of and respect for public institutions and services in England

  • acquire an appreciation for and respect for their own and other cultures through the promotion of tolerance and harmony between different cultural traditions

  • encourage respect for other people, and

  • encourage respect for democracy and support for participation in the democratic processes, including respect for the basis on which the law is made and applied in England.