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Birchwood C of E Primary School

Learning together, through faith, fun and friendship

Forest School


Wednesday 12th July.  Sorry no forest school this week. wink


Forest school will take place on Monday 26th June and Wednesday 28th June this week.  Please bring your waterproof clothing in as we are likely to get wet!  All clothes to be in on Monday .  Thank you frown

Week 1 in the woods

Today the children began their forest school journey.  The weather was beautiful and not too cold.  We set out to explore the woodland area and all were very excited.  We met the friendship tree and discovered it is used by the little friends that live in the woods.  We listened to lots of instructions, and worked as a team by passing on information that will keep us safe in the woodland area.

When we arrived we played a great game called '123, come back to me'.  This was a little bit like hide and seek but helped us to understand the boundaries.  We enjoyed it so much we decided to keep playing this on our own when we went to explore.  Next time we will try to become a  little more camouflaged when hiding.  We played lots of other fun games, one called  'a fist of sounds'.  This made us stop and listen to all the sounds around us.  We also enjoyed 'the magic spot'.  This activity helps us to reflect on what we have been doing and encourages us to learn how to slow down and enjoy our own company.

We thought it was great fun eating outside and we learnt the names of some plants and trees.

Week 2 in the woods

Wow! Again we have been very lucky with the weather this week and although it was quite windy it was safe enough for us to be in the woodland area.  

We had an exciting find on our journey to the woods as we came across some interesting poo!!  The children all came up with lots of animals they thought it might belong to and we had some correct answers!  It was hedgehog poo...and this was very exciting because it was very fresh and we knew there had been a hedgehog in our woodland that very morning.  

We also learnt the name of a new tree today.  Can you remember what it was called?  What can we use this special tree for?  Remember we sometimes call it the 'Soap Tree'

We played some more games and had to make some decisions in a new game.  We also found out why different animals need to stay hidden in the woods and we looked carefully to find and identify some of them. 

Week 3 in the woods

Today was great fun...again the weather was glorious and warm.  We played a funny game called 'squirrel in the tree' which helps to increase our knowledge of animals including the sounds and movements they make, cooperation, problem solving, gross motor skills, coordination, listening skills, mathematical skills and numeracy!

During our time in the woodland we created a reflection area with our hammock that we will use each week.  We worked well together today and helped pass on our new skills to friends by explaining what we had learnt.  This also helped to embed our  understanding of these new skills.  

Tying knots can be tricky but with the help of Sammy Snake we are learning how to make a really easy and strong knot!  We will keep practising this!

We thought about what is natural and what is man-made.  We followed an un-nature trail to collect and spot items that do not belong in any woodland area.  We found lots of rubbish which we put in the bin, and someone found their did that get there?

Week 4

This week the weather was a little damp and we realised how important it is to be wearing waterproof clothes, especially when we lay down on the ground to create our pattern.  

We got really creative this week and designed some natural patterns using leaves, twigs, flowers and blossom from the woodland areas.  We talked about the size shape and length of the objects we were finding and used our mathematical knowledge of shape and number to help us.  We had to work together to create our design and follow the rules of a game.  We used lots of natural resources and great observational skills to complete this activity.  Next week we may even create our very own outdoor art exhibition for mums and dads to view after school.

We also created our very own clay necklaces where we used leaves and bark to imprint the delicate design. They are like the fossils we have been looking at in class this half term.  

Many of the children are keen to climb trees and we decided to have another go at this activity this week.  Its not as easy as it looks and getting down can be quite tricky, especially in a pair of wellies!  However it was great fun and even a little scary!


Week 5

Today was a busy day.  We played some new games where we had to trust our friends and work as a team to help one another stand up.  The only problem was we couldn't put our hands on the ground for support.  Our friends were our support today!  This was a hard task and some of us managed to do it.  We learnt that by talking to one another we can achieve a lot more than we think we can.

Many of the children wanted to build some bigger dens and so today they worked in groups to create dens for smaller creatures and when confident moved on to building a den that they could fit in.  

Again this task was all about problem solving and working as part of a group.  The children measured lots of different pieces of wood and thought about the purpose of the wood being used.

The children also designed their own nature crowns using things they found in the woodland that they thought were interesting or pretty.  These were gorgeous and all wore them proudly.

As the day came to an end we thought about all the lovely activities we had been working on and we talked about these things before blowing our thoughts into bubbles and watching them float away.

Week 6

This week we enjoyed lovely warm weather again.  We all needed our hats and even though it is warm we still need our arms and legs to be protected from the insects and woodland area.  

We decided to put all the skills we have been learning  into practise this week.  We chose what we wanted to do and got stuck in!  Some children wanted to build dens, others wanted to hang out in the hammock.  We hunted for bugs and had a challenge as to who could get the muckiest!  We climbed trees and had fun!  We played some games we enjoy such as 123, Where are You? The Green Watcher and Squirrels in Tree.   The children also spent time making smelly cocktails.  If they smelt good then we decided they were going to become a good spell.  If they smelt bad then they would be a bad spell.  We had lots of warty toads and flying unicorns by the end of the session. 

To end, as always we reflected on what we had been doing and what we enjoyed.  We found our magic spot and lay down on the ground to feel the earth beneath us and to look up into the tree canopy and think about how much we have grown over the past few weeks...