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Birchwood C of E Primary School

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Parent Questionnaires

Parent Questionnaires - Autumn Term 2017


Key Points from Parent Questionnaires – Autumn Term


These were the main points or concerns from parents from the questionnaire analysis.


You said:

What we did or are doing:


There weren’t enough after school clubs


We developed our school extra-curricular clubs and now provide, tennis club, Key stage 1 multi-skills club, Art club, Football club, Homework club, Dance Club and we have lunchtime multi-skills clubs, Year 2 booster classes and Year 6 boosters class (morning and after school).


We are aiming to develop a tag rugby club, netball and handball club in the Summer term.



There was no after school care for those families who work and need after school provision and there wasn’t enough breakfast club places.


We consulted all parents to see how many parents wanted and needed after school care and provision for their children. There was only a small amount of children that needed this.


We contacted WASPS at Gorse Covert to ensure that we could provide after school care and provision. We transport children to Gorse Covert after school so that parents can access this after school care and provision.


Another two members of staff were brought in to ensure that more children could access breakfast club. We have up to 30 children on some days accessing breakfast club.



Parents didn’t know the exact standards of their children and the progress that they have made.


We introduced our new assessment procedures and our ‘Rocket Letters’ go out at the end of every term to explain the standard that your child is working at and we hold parents evening at the end of every term.


We encourage all parents to come and speak to us about any concerns or questions that you may have as our policy is an open door policy.



Behaviour wasn’t good and there was some bullying in the past.


We have re-launched our whole school behaviour policy and class systems. Children are rewarded for positive behaviour and any disruptive behaviour is dealt with and the Head Teacher is informed and parents are also informed. We have had no exclusions this year and we will continue to work with the children on positive behaviour and their understanding of Bullying. We will be launching the STOP programme in school (Several Times On Purpose) to help children understand what bullying is.


We encourage all children and parents to discuss any concerns of bad behaviour or bullying with us and we will endeavour to get to the bottom of the problems and stamp out any bullying and work with children to ensure that they all have positive attitudes and good behaviour.


We will work tirelessly with children and parents to continue to develop positive behaviour in our school and tackle any bullying issues and work with children to help them understand bullying more.






School didn’t communicate enough with Parents about events, giving parents enough notice about assemblies, school news and trips.


We listened to what you said and now we send home weekly newsletters rather than every two weeks, we message and inform parents a day earlier regarding Celebration assembly so that parents have enough time to speak with employers to get time off to come and see their child receive their awards.


We regularly send out text messages about events and reminders so that parents understand when events are and have enough notice for events such as World Book Day, own clothes days, etc.








Parents felt that they didn’t know enough about what was going on in class and around school.


We listened to your points and agreed. We have now re-launched our School Website and continually update all our class pages with what is going on in school and your child’s learning.


We have included extra pages to ensure that parents can see all events and photos from our special days or visitors such as the mobile farm, author visits, Planetarium Dome visit, trips, etc.


We have held parent reading sessions in Year 3, Nursery and Reception and are planning lots more events where parents can come into school and see what is going on, especially some reading activities in class.


We are planning to continually develop our website and if you have any more ideas we will welcome them and will try to incorporate them into our website to ensure that you get a full understanding of our school.





Keeping children safe online – parents wanted more help with this.


We listened to what you had to say and now that our website is up and running we will be adding on some safe website addresses where your children can access learning games for maths, reading and writing as well as some spelling and grammar websites and programmes that we use in school.


We publish several website and information on how to keep your child safe online.



Parents felt that the children needed more enriching activities and experiences.



We listened and agreed. We brought in a mobile farm to school, science planetarium, two renowned authors (Billy Bob Buttons, Stuart Reid), had a reading focus day with a literacy group, mad science shows, local MPs visit, a Magistrate worked with children, various trips to Manchester Airport, Farm to Fork Tesco project, Egos Mediterranean restaurant to sample various food, visited Chester Zoo, visited Risley Moss, visited Stoke City football stadium, Colomendy Residential Trip, Delamere Forest Residential trip, visited Old Trafford Football Stadium, etc.


We are planning many more trips and experiences such as all Year 5 and 6 going to Safety Central to get a good understanding of how to keep safe, playing rugby matches at Warrington Wolves Rugby Stadium, Artist in school. Zulu Nation visit for dance, art and signing,


Parents felt that there wasn’t enough engagement with school for all parents.



We listened and have held a Christmas Fayre, Easter Bingo, Halloween Disco, Valentines Disco all organised by the PTA and will be holding a Summer Fayre, there will be a Sports Day for all EYFS, KS1 and KS2 children. Parenting classes on Prevent training and assessment, weekly Celebration assemblies, we have had Harvest festival, Easter festival, Christmas Nativity, Christmas Carol Service, Choir Signing in Birchwood Shopping Centre and Golden Square Shopping Centre, parent stay and read sessions, etc.


We are planning parent classes for healthy cooking with our wonderful National Runner Up Chef of the Year, parent classes on Maths and Literacy skills and I.T.