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Reception Class


This week the children spent time exploring the woodland areas on their own.  They took turns in the hammock and remembered how to get in and out of it safely.  We had hot drinks in the woods today and used the Kelly Kettle to boil the water.  It was very warming on a cold and frosty morning!

We also played a game called the 'Human Camera'.  This is where you have to guide your camera to a place you find interesting or pretty and show them the view.  The only problem is the camera has to wear a blindfold and is guided carefully by their partner.  This is a skillful job and one that requires thought, to care for the person who cannot see.  Good job Reception!

14th November

Today was a good day to recap on how we can keep ourselves safe in the woods.  We all had a good think about how we should behave and move to look after ourselves.  We played some team games and worked together to come up with a team name, action and sound.  Then we tried to scare the other team!

We also tried out the hammock for the first time, we all thought it was great fun and enjoyed swinging gently and sometimes a bit faster! We only had a few falls when getting in and out...

Some of us were brave enough to climb the tree and although we only got a little way up we will get better as we grow stronger and more confident.

We have also cut up our old pumkins and left them in the woods for the animals to enjoy.  We will watch their progress over the next few weeks to see how they decay and rot.

Some children had a go at making  traps in the trees for the sneezy dragon others created art using the leaves.  Can you see our hedgehog named Spikey in the photos?



7th November

What a wet day it was today!  However this did not stop our eager explorers from having fun in the woods.  We enjoyed splashing in puddles and got very muddy.  We found a great way to wash our hands using the rain water that poured off the tarpaulin.  It was just like a tap.

We built a shelter to stay dry and decided we needed somewhere to sit, plus a doorway to come in and out of the shelter.  The children helped to tie the ropes and selected the right sized pieces of wood for the seat and the door frame.  Some great imagination and use of maths language during our sessions today.

31st October 

Today is Halloween and the children had great fun in the woods creating their own magical wands and potions.  They had to make sure the stick was a certain length before it could begin transformed into a wand.  The children found lots of lovely natural resources from the woods to decorate their wands and secured them using some basic weaving skills, well done.

Next they found 10 different items to create a potion.  Would it smell sweet and fresh or earthy and pongy?  Each potion was different.  We then gathered around our cauldron to make a wish before throwing our ingredients in.  Amazingly Mrs Bradley wished for chocolate biscuits and her wish came true because we found a packet in the woods and all enjoyed a special treat, YUM!


Today we spent time playing lots of new games.  We tried to create different shapes using a rope.  We realised how important it is to communicate when we need to give instructions otherwise it makes it very difficult to solve problems.

We also hunted for pictures of animals we would find in the British Woodlands.  Some of us knew the names of the animals.  We found out lots of information about them, and we all learnt the name of animals we didn't know before the day began.

We created some art work using autumn leaves and enjoyed running around the woods and rolling down the hill!


What a fun day we had!  The children continued the adventure of the sneezy dragon and have been busy creating traps to catch him.  They have also designed some sneezy cocktail potions to give the dragon.  This medicine should hopefully stop him from blowing down the houses of the little folk who live in the woods!  

We also had a go at making friendship bracelets.  These are special bracelets that need two friends to create one bracelet, they are very tricky and require lots of concentration and patience to complete.  Well done to all those who had a go at making these.

We even had a visit from Mr Owen who loved our fantastic inventions!

This week we played lots of games to help us work together.  We are still learning each others names and these games helped.  We loved playing squirrels in a tree and 123, come back to me.  We learnt how to stay hidden in the woods and used camouflage paints to help.  We all enjoyed getting a little muddy!
Week one was great fun.  We found out that there are some little friends living here but the sneezy dragon has blown down their house and so we helped to re-build them.  We also found out about the friendship tree and how to stay safe while in the woods.  We played 123, come back to me and squirrels in the tree.  We had lots of fun!