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Birchwood C of E Primary School

Learning together, through faith, fun and friendship


Pupils’ behaviour is good. Their positive attitudes to learning and each other are one of the reasons why they make good progress.


At Birchwood CofE, we recognise that praising and rewarding good behaviour is a vital part in encouraging our pupils to make the right choice and that sanctions alone are not as effective. Acknowledging when a child is demonstrating positive behaviour is key in building their self-esteem, confidence and generating outstanding behaviour throughout the school.

We have numerous different forms on rewards in Birchwood CofE.

These include:

  • Great to be Gold! – in school we operate a traffic light system where each individual child’s behaviour is monitored throughout the day. If a child shows outstanding and exemplary behaviour, their name will be placed on ‘gold’. The child will immediately receive 15 carrot points for this achievement. At the end of each term, the 5 children who have achieved Gold the most from each class will be given a special treat or reward.


  • Carrot Points – a system of points that are awarded for anything and everything! Learning behaviours and demonstrating the Christian Values are the main reasons that children are awarded Carrot Points. 


  • Contact with parents and carers – teachers and school staff may either make a phone call or send a text message to inform parents or carers of any positive behaviour or achievements shown by a child in school that day. We want to ensure that our communication with parents is not solely about negative incidents but rather celebrates the positive achievements also.


  • Postcards – school staff may send a postcard home detailing an achievement or demonstration of positive behaviour in school. This can be a great surprise to receive and allows parents and carers to continue to celebrate this achievement at home.


  • Stickers – some children, especially those in Foundation Stage or KS1, respond well to receiving a sticker for good behaviour. We understand that stickers show an instant reward for positive behaviour an allow children to connect up experiences through a visual recognition.


  • Trips and visits – A class may decide to reward children who have shown good behaviour or who have achieved a certain number of points with a class trip or visit.


  • Visits to the Head teacher – children may be sent to the head teacher or another member of staff to celebrate an exceptional piece of work or an incident where they have shown outstanding behaviour.


  • Certificates – certificates are awarded to children every Friday in our celebration assembly. These include certificates for reading, maths, spelling, Star of the Week and/or for a special event a child may have participated in. Parents and carers are invited to attend our celebration assemblies and share their child’s achievement. 


  • S.T.O.P Champion Badges – S.T.O.P badges are awarded to children who have shown kindness to others, have acted appropriately to any bullying or friendship issues or who have shown positive social skills.