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Birchwood C of E Primary School

Learning together, through faith, fun and friendship


Birchwood C of E Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment by contributing to:

  • Providing a safe environment for children to learn and thrive
  • Identifying children who are suffering or likely to suffer significant harm, by taking appropriate action, with the aim of ensuring that they are kept safe at all times

To achieve this, we:

  • Promote safe practice
  • Identify instances where there are causes for concern about a child’s welfare
  • Initiate and take appropriate action to keep children safe
  • Contribute to effective partnership working between all those involved in providing services for our children

We have therefore established a Safeguarding Team which meets on a monthly basis and allows Child Protection to be effectively embedded throughout school by bringing together a group of staff from different specialised areas. The purpose of the Safeguarding Team is to allow key members of staff to be representatives and ensure that their sub-team are aware of current cases and vulnerable children. 


The Safeguarding Team is made up of the following members of staff:


Jason Owen - Headteacher and Designated Senior Lead

Siobhan Bentley - Head of School and Designated Senior Lead

Heather Addison - Pastoral Manager and Deputy DSL

Janette Pyne - Deputy Headteacher and Deputy DSL

Rebecca Rae - Teaching Assistant and KS1 representative

Grace McGee - Midday Assistant and Midday representative 


Protecting children and keeping them safe from harm is everybody's responsibility.  If you have concerns about the safety or welfare of a child you should either come in to school to discuss your concerns with Miss Addison, our Pastoral Manager or a member of the safeguarding team. Alternatively, you can contact the local authority Duty and Assessment team on 01925 443400.  



The Designated Senior Lead(s) for safeguarding are Mr Jason Owen (Headteacher) and Mrs Siobhan Bentley (Head of School)


The Deputy Designated Senior Lead(s) for safeguarding are Miss Heather Addison (Pastoral Manager) and Mrs Janette Pyne (Deputy Headteacher)


The LAC (Looked After Children) lead is Mrs Hayley King (SENCo)


The PREVENT single point of contact (SPOC) is the Designated Senior Lead(s) - Jason Owen and Siobhan Bentley


The link governor for safeguarding and PREVENT  is Mrs Penny Johnson


The school telephone number if you have any safeguarding concerns is: 01925 823316