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Birchwood C of E Primary School

Learning together, through faith, fun and friendship

Who's Who

"Pupils say, ‘lessons are fun’ and ‘we wouldn’t change anything about them, as they teach us everything we need to know’. Teachers plan lessons that engage, enthuse and challenge most pupils."


"Senior leaders have a highly aspirational vision for the school and are not prepared to accept second best." 


Who’s who at Birchwood C of E Primary School - 2017/18

Mr. J. Owen

Deputy Safeguarding Designated Senior Lead

Deputy Headteacher
Mrs. J. Pyne


Teaching Staff
Miss K. McGuire - Year 6 Teacher


Miss M. Benson - Year 5 Teacher

Miss N. Morrissey - Year 4 Teacher


Miss L. Bolton - Year 3 Teacher

 Mrs. J. Pyne & Miss N. Thomason - Year 2 Teachers

Miss A. Henderson - Year 1 Teacher


Mrs. H. Bradley & Mrs. H. Jones - FS2 Teachers

Miss K. McGarry - FS1 Teacher


Mrs. P. Bate - ECAR & PPA Teacher


Mrs. M. Brookes - Currently on Maternity Leave




Teaching Assistants
Mrs. K. Allen, Mrs. S. Fagan, Mrs. M. Gibson, Miss S. Hughes,
Miss J. Nutall, Miss A. Laing, 
Mrs. R. Rae & Mrs. A. Rigby

Mrs. J. Meir - Pupil Premium Tutor
Miss. R. Hankinson, Miss. E Topping & Miss. J. Kumorek


Mrs. C. Hanley - Currently on Maternity Leave


Pastoral Manager
Miss H. Addison

Safeguarding Designated Senior Lead 

Office Staff
Mrs. J. Hill - School Business Manager

Mrs. D. Bonsall - Finance Admin. Assistant

Miss. S. Hall - Apprentice Administrator


Maintenance Staff
Mr. S. Dodd - Maintenance Officer

Miss R. Scott - Cleaner
Mrs. L. Smith - Cleaner

Mrs. T Bird - Cleaner


Kitchen Staff

Mrs. J. Rutkowska - School Cook

Mrs. K. Martin, Miss R. Scott & Miss D. Bradley


Midday Assistants
Mrs. L. Cole, Mrs. L. Harrison, Miss S. Hall,
Mrs. G. McGee, Miss K. Ozanne,  Mrs. K. Smith & Mrs. L. Smith


Acronym Spotter!
SALT - Speech and Language Therapy 

SLT - Senior Leadership Team
HLTA - Higher Level Teaching Assistant 

PPA - Planning, Preparation & Assesment

ECAR - Every Child A Reader

NB: All information was correct at time of updating (01/03/2018)