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Birchwood C of E Primary School

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Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4 class page.


Over the course of the coming year, anything and everything you need to know about our class will be added to this page.


Mr. Stratford & Year 4 



Our Summer Term topic is Language, where we will be uncovering the history of the English language. You can find more details in the curriculum overview above. 

We looked at a University of Manchester children's website that gave a very detailed insight into the origins of modern language. You can explore that website by clicking here.


Euro 2016

As part of our Language topic we are holding a Euro 2016 theme day on Tuesday 14th June. All of the members of Year 4 have chosen a participating team from the hat. Each child will be completing a mini project on their chosen country and learning lots of new geographical facts.

The teams are:





Czech Republic-Lexi






Italy-Grace Hall

Northern Ireland-Isabelle

Poland-Mr Rudge

Portugal-Grace Hunt

Republic of Ireland-Nathan








Ukraine-Mr Stratford



We will follow the progress of our teams at 3.00pm each day to review the matches from the previous day as well as look at forthcoming fixtures.


Good luck everyone!



We Are Musicians

In our computing lessons this half term we will be learning how to make electronic music.

Each week I will post a link to the software or website that we have been using during the lesson so that your child can show you what they have been doing as well as practise the skills that they have learnt.


14th January 2016


Incredibox is a piece of software that allows the user to create a song by choosing sounds from several sound banks and assigning them to people that appear on the screen. There are four different versions, all free to use, that can be accessed here.


21st January 2016


Toy Theater's Piano Puppet allows you to use the notes in a scale to make pieces of piano music. You control the tempo of the music by how fast you click each note. It can be accessed here.


28th January 2016


BGFLs Virtual Piano allows the children to experience how a synthesizer works. The piano keyboard can be controlled by either the mouse or the keyboard. You can select different instruments, play single notes and chords, as well as add a preset drumbeat to enhance your playing. The piano can be found here.


4th February 2016


Virtual Drumming allows the children to control a full drum kit. There are a range of different drum kits based on those used by real famous drummers. Each instrument within the drum kit is controlled by a different key on the keyboard, allowing the children to play more than one at a time. You can also choose your own keys to make it easier for you. The site can be accessed here.


We are HTML editors

This half term we are learning about HTML (hypertext mark-up language), the language that is used to write web pages.


We have used w3 Schools which offers tutorials in how to write in HTML. The site can be found here.


Playto also offers tutorials and we will be following these in future. Practise what you have done in school here.


Coding Creations

In our Computing lessons with Mrs. Meir we have been perfecting our coding skills. Have a look below at just a couple of examples of our coding creations!

World Book Day 2016

Thank you so much for the fantastic outfits that your children wore today. We have had a great day and enjoyed lots of book based activities. Your child has brought a £1 book token home with them today. This can be used to buy a special World Book Day book or to get £1 off any other book or audiobook before 27th March.

Happy reading!



Check Mate!

Every Friday morning we will have a one hour chess lesson, beginning on 8th January 2016. As well as encouraging the children to play a competitive board game, our chess sessions will offer so much more. These sessions will teach thinking and reasoning skills that your child will be able to apply to many areas of life. They will also give us the opportunity to enjoy some informal time together in the classroom.


Please encourage your children by discussing what they have done in their chess lesson each Friday. If you have a chess set at home, why not encourage them to show you? I am really looking forward to our chess lessons as I have never played before and so will be learning alongside the children.

Anti-bullying Week 

We have enjoyed challenging our preconceptions and learning about what constitutes bullying. The children have responded thoughtfully and carefully to the activities and discussions that we have participated in this week.


If you have any worries or concerns about an incident in school, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss this with your child. 


Remember bullying has to be a series of frequent repeated incidents by the same person towards your child, not just one event.


Top tips about bullying for children can be found here 


Top tips for parents and carers can be found here


With children growing up in a more technological age than ourselves, this has led to the invention of cyberbullying. We have discussed the work of CEOP, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre. there website has activities and advice for children and parents here


Parents Evening - 14/10/15

It was lovely to meet so many of you last week and share the good news about your child's progress in Year 4 so far. I am pleased with how well the class have settled and the positive attitude to learning that they have displayed. Although this was a formal meeting, please remember that if you have any concerns about your child's education I am available after school to discuss these with you.