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Birchwood C of E Primary School

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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Welcome to our class page! Here you will find links to our curriculum overview giving details of what we are learning this term (these can be found at the bottom of the page), information about day to day life in Year 5 and even some of our latest news too! 

Enjoy! Mr. Mycroft & Year 5

As you know, our Summer Holiday homework booklet was sent home on Monday, 20th July. There is a copy available here should you need it. Please remember that children are not to sit and complete this booklet all at once, they should complete a small amount regularly to ensure that their maths skills are maintained over the summer break before we start Y6 in September. If there are sections that your child finds difficult, that's not a problem, please just indicate this on the relevant pages and we'll review it together when we're back at school.


Many thanks for your continued help and support - see you in September!


Mr. Mycroft

Take a look at just a few photographs showing Year 5 in action as part of the KS2 Summer Production of 'Aladdin Trouble'. We loved it!
To celebrate the end of a hard working year, we spent the day at Gulliver's World. There we thrills, spills and occasional chills... that was just the teachers! All children were fabulous and thoroughly enjoyed their day. Just take a look at the slide show above to see just some of the fun that was enjoyed by all!

Asda Safety Truck Visit - 6th July 2015

Recently we were visited by the Asda road safety truck. Derek and the team worked with us to make sure we knew how to be safe around large vehicles and shared the importance of always being able to see the mirrors. We even got to climb aboard the cab to have a go in the drivers seat to see what we could see. Whilst we were posing for a class photo, Mr. Mycroft sounded the horn and scared us!

Wonderful Writing - The Boy with no Kite

This week our literacy work has been based around the short video clip 'The boy with no Kite'. Have a look at just some of our fabulous writing by clicking the links above. You'll be impressed!

I want to ride my bicycle... (Bikeability - 23/04/15)

I want to ride my bicycle... (Bikeability - 23/04/15) 1
I want to ride my bicycle... (Bikeability - 23/04/15) 2
I want to ride my bicycle... (Bikeability - 23/04/15) 3
I want to ride my bicycle... (Bikeability - 23/04/15) 4
I want to ride my bicycle... (Bikeability - 23/04/15) 5
I want to ride my bicycle... (Bikeability - 23/04/15) 6

Musical Performance - 22/04/15

Still image for this video
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

This afternoon, Wednesday 22nd April, we treated our parents and carers to a performance of what we've been working on in our musical enrichment lessons. Thanks to all parents who came along. If you missed it, then worry not as you can see a short snippet of our performance above!

As you may know, our class won the '98% Attendance Challenge' for Spring Term. We decided that we'd like a class party afternoon with the added treat of Domino's Pizza! Check out our photographs to see the wonderful afternoon we had. Please help us to win the Summer Term Challenge by making sure we're all in every day on time.

Visiting the PAN Exhibition - 01/04/15

Visiting the PAN Exhibition - 01/04/15 1
Visiting the PAN Exhibition - 01/04/15 2
Visiting the PAN Exhibition - 01/04/15 3
Visiting the PAN Exhibition - 01/04/15 4
Visiting the PAN Exhibition - 01/04/15 5
Visiting the PAN Exhibition - 01/04/15 6
Visiting the PAN Exhibition - 01/04/15 7
Visiting the PAN Exhibition - 01/04/15 8
Visiting the PAN Exhibition - 01/04/15 9
Visiting the PAN Exhibition - 01/04/15 10
Visiting the PAN Exhibition - 01/04/15 11
Visiting the PAN Exhibition - 01/04/15 12
Visiting the PAN Exhibition - 01/04/15 13
Visiting the PAN Exhibition - 01/04/15 14
Visiting the PAN Exhibition - 01/04/15 15
Visiting the PAN Exhibition - 01/04/15 16
Today, we visited Warrington Gateway to experience the PAN (Primary Arts Network) Exhibition. We were thrilled to see our giraffe standing proud in the centre of the space. As we explored the work of other schools, we took some photographs of our favourite pieces. If you can, you should visit the exhibition during the Easter holiday - we highly recommend it!

Rivers Research Project

Today (26/03/15), children have been set a special project to research a river of their choice and write a report covering some key questions. The has been set today and must be completed and handed in by Monday, 20th April. This allows 4 weeks, (including half-term), for children to research and complete their report.  


Children will not need to research at home, but if they would like to, and can, then this is absolutely fine. School time will be allocated to research all facts and images needed. We will then print out children's research, ready for them to bring home on Wednesday, 1st April. The focus of time at home should be on writing the report. See the documents above, including an example written report, for more details.


Thanks, Mr. Mycroft

Adding the patches...

Adding the patches... 1
Adding the patches... 2
Adding the patches... 3
Adding the patches... 4
We're so proud of our giraffe, we think it's fabulous! We have now started adding our artwork and kenning patches to our gentle giant. What do you think?

Freeze! 25/03/15

Freeze! 25/03/15 1
Freeze! 25/03/15 2
Freeze! 25/03/15 3
Freeze! 25/03/15 4
Freeze! 25/03/15 5
Freeze! 25/03/15 6
Freeze! 25/03/15 7
Freeze! 25/03/15 8
As part of our work in Literacy, we have been reading 'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne. We are up to the point where Rose enters the tunnel. We don't know what happens next yet so we thought we'd work together in groups to freeze frame some possible scenes. Can you guess what is happening?

The Partial Eclipse - 20/03/15

The Partial Eclipse - 20/03/15 1 We tested out our pinhole projectors.
The Partial Eclipse - 20/03/15 2 The clouds tried to hide the eclipse from us!
The Partial Eclipse - 20/03/15 3 The sun started to find a way through the clouds.
The Partial Eclipse - 20/03/15 4 If you look closely, you can see it!

The Diet Coke Test - 19/03/15

Still image for this video
As part of National Science Week, we worked together to answer an age old question...
"Does the amount of mentos affect the reaction in a bottle of coke?". Take a look at the video of 6 mentos being added to a 1.75l of diet coke. Read our blogs to find out about our findings.

World Book Day - 5th March

World Book Day - 5th March  1

Building our Giraffe...

Building our Giraffe... 1
Building our Giraffe... 2
Building our Giraffe... 3
Building our Giraffe... 4
Building our Giraffe... 5
Building our Giraffe... 6
Building our Giraffe... 7
Building our Giraffe... 8
Building our Giraffe... 9
Building our Giraffe... 10
Building our Giraffe... 11
Building our Giraffe... 12
Building our Giraffe... 13
Building our Giraffe... 14
Building our Giraffe... 15
Building our Giraffe... 16
Building our Giraffe... 17
Building our Giraffe... 18
Building our Giraffe... 19
Building our Giraffe... 20
Following our visit to Chester Zoo, we decided to build a life sized baby giraffe as part of our work for the upcoming PAN exhibition. We're very happy with our work so far and can't wait to start covering him in the many different patterns in nature that we observed on our day out!
Recently, our class enjoyed a fun filled visit to Chester Zoo to explore different patterns in nature. We will be using our findings creatively, through art, sculpture and writing to contribute to the Primary Arts Network exhibition which will be displayed at the Gateway in a few weeks time. Head over to our blogs to read all about our experiences. Remember that you need to log in to read our class blogs. Happy reading!

The Tunnel

The Tunnel  1
The Tunnel  2
The Tunnel  3
The Tunnel  4
Walking through a tunnel has never been so interesting! We wrote descriptive recounts of our journey through the dark, dank tunnel using a range of emotions. Screen shots of our writing can be found below or you can view our individual blogs online. Remember you'll need your child's login details to access our blogs. 


Invaded! 1
Invaded! 2
Invaded! 3
Invaded! 4
Invaded! 5
Invaded! 6
Invaded! 7
Invaded! 8
Invaded! 9
Invaded! 10
Invaded! 11
Invaded! 12
We combined computing with creative writing as an alien invasion hit Birchwood C of E! Writing in role, we thought carefully about what the aliens would've said, how they might have felt and what they would be thinking as they explored around our school grounds. 

Merry Christmas from Year 5!

Merry Christmas from Year 5! 1
Merry Christmas from Year 5! 2
Merry Christmas from Year 5! 3
Merry Christmas from Year 5! 4
Merry Christmas from Year 5! 5
Merry Christmas from Year 5! 6
We took these Christmas inspired photos to help us create our 'Spot The Bauble' challenge for the PTA Christmas Fayre. 

#FAB - Friends Against Bullying (Anti-Bullying Week)

#FAB - Friends Against Bullying (Anti-Bullying Week) 1
#FAB - Friends Against Bullying (Anti-Bullying Week) 2
#FAB - Friends Against Bullying (Anti-Bullying Week) 3
As part of anti-bullying week, we created and sold these '#FAB - Friends Against Bullying' wristbands to promote the theme of 'Stop Bullying For All'. The wristbands were so popular, we almost sold out!