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Year One

29th November

Today the children have been creating some Christmas decorations using leaves, twigs and sparkles!  We played lots of group games and using the kelly kettle made hot drinks to keep warm.

8th November

This week the children were busy with a challenge.  They had to try and walk across the Burma Bridge without falling in to the crocodile infested swamp below.  It was quite tricky and very wobbly on the bridge, but those who took the plunge gained a terrific sense of achievement, once they had reached the other side.  Some of us even went back for a second or third try!  Next time we will make the challenge a bit more tricky...

Other children spent time planning and creating their own fun, based on what they were interested in doing on the day.  We had some burglars in the woods and a rescue party who built a trap.  Lots of imagination and discussion about our activities.  Well done to all!

18th October

Today was all about team work.  We spent time working with a friend or in a group to achieve a goal.  We needed to help one another to finish the challenges because we couldn't do them on our own.  Learning to cooperate with others is really important.  We realised that talking to each other so we know what we want to achieve is an important skill to learn.

The children hunted for matching pictures of woodland creatures and really concentrated while looking.  They were so well hidden that no one could find the badger! However some of the children had a good theory that the sneezy dragon had blown the picture away when we were not looking!!  More traps need to be set in the woods to catch it. 

We did some tree climbing today and went higher than ever before.  We remembered how to climb safely and all felt amazing when we had finished the climb.  Some found it quite challenging and a little scary but we all did what we felt comfortable with.

There was also time to swish through the fallen leaves and enjoy the sounds it made.  We made some leaf art sculptures on twigs and filled up the bird feeders.  Phew!!

4th October

Today the weather was chilly but dry.  We discussed how important it is to be wearing the right clothes for the weather.  Warm socks inside wellies are very important as well as a warm waterproof coat.

We played some games and helped to set up some traps to capture a dragon who is creating lots of mess in the woods with all his sneezing!  We had some great ideas as to how to trap him and even used messages on the floor for the dragon to follow.

We played a memory game followed by a treasure hunt to find all the missing items on the list.  It was quite tricky to find the seeds from the maple tree which we are all convinced are fidget spinners!

Year one enjoyed getting back in to the forest and were very creative building dens and making leaf mobiles.  They remembered some of the games we played in the Summer term and are learning some new games as well.  We found some amazing spider webs covered in dew and created some of our own webs by wrapping string around the trees.  We then had to step through the webs without being caught by the spider.  It was harder than it looked!