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Birchwood C of E Primary School

Learning together, through faith, fun and friendship

Year Two

1st November 

This week the children enjoyed creating their own magical wands using the natural resources in the woodland.  They had to find a stick of a certain length and thickness before transforming it into a wand.  This was done by adding many interesting items from the woods and securing them by wrapping and weaving them onto the wand.   Next the children created a potion using different smelly items and some magical dust and liquid.  After the wish was made and the magical words chanted they released their potions into the cauldron.  Fingers crossed our wishes will come true!


Today was quite soggy and wet!  The children who went out in the morning had a much dryer session than the afternoon group.  We have decided that waterproof trousers would be very useful!  

We worked together as a team to create different shapes using a rope.  This was very tricky especially when some of us had a blindfold on.  The children realised  how important it was to talk to each other if they wanted to solve a problem.

We also created an eco-system using a ball of wool.  The children learnt how cutting down one tree can have an impact on all the creatures and plants living in that area.

Wow! What a great start to their Forest School adventures Year 2 had!  We played lots of new games and were introduced to the problem of the sneezy dragon.  We were very creative and built new homes for the woodland friends and enjoyed the glorious weather.  We found the Gorilla Bogie game a real hoot and are looking forward to our next adventure!