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what does the bible say about respect?

During Autumn 1 we will be looking at the Christian value - Respect. Our values tree at the front of school has many examples of the children showing Respect.

As a whole school community, we will be considering:

  • How we are given the opportunity in school to experience feelings of awe, wonder and mystery.
  • How we show respect for each other and adults in the school community.
  • How children are encouraged to value and respect their own and other people’s belongings
  • How children are encouraged to show tolerance by accepting feelings, habits or beliefs, racial or ethnic origins that are different from their own

Respect take home sheet

There are Values Home Sheets from Imaginor. These are designed to complement the conversations we have in school and we trust will provide much food for thought and conversation. Below is the Values Home Sheet about Respect.


As Matthew 7:12 says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

As we begin our school year, it is important that we set out our standards for respect from the onset. Simple things like a smile, eye contact or a “hello” can make a huge difference when forming relationships with new friends or reacquainting ourselves with others. Small gestures towards others help to show that you value them and will help to build a level of respect between each other.

We spoke in assembly this week about who we respect and the different ways in which we show it. We shared a poem, which helped to break down exactly what respect looks like before reflecting on how we could be respectful to others across the day and week.

During Monday worship (18.09.24), we listened to the story of Jesus and The Roman Centurion. We heard that people under the rule of the Romans were often treated poorly, were pushed around and made to do things they didn’t want to. We heard about one particular Roman who was a Centurion (someone in charge of 100 soldiers!) He treated people differently to the rest of the Roman soldiers. He would respect the wishes of the locals, which set him aside from every other Roman. School value- Respect One day, Religious leaders asked Jesus to help the Roman Centurion fully expecting Jesus to refuse their request. Jesus agreed to help. He had seen that the Centurion respected others and so in turn, he was deserving of the respect of Jesus.

Our amazing children managed to work out the message from this story and could see how they could relate it to themselves when at school or at home. Dyllon (Y6) said that, “It is important that we treat people as individuals and not as a group. Sometimes people in a group can do bad things but there could be someone in that group who is kind and respectful.”

Charlie (Y4) added, “We need to show respect to people if they are showing respect to others. If someone is being nice to others and helping, they deserve to be shown respect.”

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